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Dead Reckoning: Calculating Without Instruments

Chapter 6: Concluding Remarks

Background and Topics

The main text of the book ends with a list of the best of the cited references in the text, an encouragement to search out these references (some of which are being gathered on this site), and a plea for the reader to experiment with number relationships as a means of exploring new algorithms and approximations that may be useful to us all.

Notes and Errata (If you have any more to contribute, please email me! This is a compendium of feedback)  A printer-friendly summary table for all chapters is found here.

Color Code
A clarification or elaboration of the text.
A simple mistake that does not affect the method presented.
An error that may affect a method or the reader interpretation of it.
No Notes or Errata.


Additional Materials Related to Topics in This Chapter

None yet--check back soon.

Cited Reference Materials

In the near future, this section will contain relevant sections of some of the references cited at the end of this chapter.

Acknowledgements of Contributors to this Page

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