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Other Interests

What Is This Page For?

This page is for other interests of mine that may end up with their own area of the website eventually.

Stereo Photography

I have had an interest in high-quality stereo slides, and for several years I was a member (and for one year the president) of the Chicago Stereo Camera Club.  I own two Realist stereo cameras (circa 1950), two Realist stereo viewers, and a Nord stereo projector.  This section of this page will be populated soon--please return later.

Lunchtime Sketches

Here are three sketches I did during my lunchtime.


My son introduced me to birdwatching while he was in grade school, and I was amazed by the variety of interesting birds that live among us, particularly in our local prairie preserve.  We go birdwatching sometimes early on a weekend day, carrying binoculars and a Nikon FE2 camera with a 70-210mm Vivitar zoom lens, 2x multiplier, and high-speed film.  We are slowly learning the calls and songs as well.

Font Identification

Lately I've developed an interest in identifying typefaces, for no real reason other than it's a diversion that can be exercised virtually anywhere.  I've been reading up on the history of founts/fonts, which is very interesting and coincides with the common trait of most all of my interests: an elegant mix of the technical and the artistic in a human pursuit that is underappreciated and almost lost today.  Given the hundreds of thousands of digital fonts available today, I'm limiting my "fontwatching" to media that generally use traditional fonts, such as books and old signs.  A nice way to learn distinguishing characteristics is to use the question/answer format of a really neat font identification site for graphic artists named Identifont. I don't know that anyone else pursues this (I don't see fonting diaries and logbooks like birding has), but in many ways it is similar to birding.


There are several questions that I simply don't know the answer to, despite searching through online and a limited number of print sources.  If anyone knows the answers to these, please let me know and I'll post them with attribution for all to see.

This list will be populated soon.  Meanwhile, please see the music-related Imponderables on the Piano page.


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