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Plans Unfolding

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LANS UNFOLDING is a new software program for creating a pocket-sized paper organizer and planner customized for the layout and content that you want. Both letter and A4 paper sizes are supported. Choose from among several standard page types supported by the interface, or create custom page designs and share them online. Use background images downloaded from the image gallery or use your own photographs. Print the output on a color printer, make a few folds and one cut, and you have a convenient booklet with every one of its 16 pages accessible. It's easy and convenient, and it's free.


Top ViewThe Plans Unfolding software provides a complete, convenient user interface to arrange and maintain your organizer data. It's backed by the powerful LaTeX typesetting engine coupled with the TikZ vector drawing package to create professional-quality letter-size or A4 output. Cross off entries and pencil in new ones as you go. Print out a new, updated one whenever you feel like it.

The software interface directly supports several types of color page layouts:

  • List – List for to-do items, ideas, travel data, etc.
  • Text – Either simple text or text and tables formatted using LaTeX commands, for reference material, listings of contact information, etc.
  • 2-Field,1-Column – Matching pairs of data such as names and phone numbers, separated by dots
  • 2-Field,2-Column – Matching pairs of data in smaller font and two columns, separated by a space
  • Calendar – Calendar for any year 2008-2020 with tagged dates selected by the user
  • Cipher Table and Cipher Text – A Vigenere Cipher Table and a Cipher Text page for encrypted data
  • Treasure Map – Location information for items that are lent, shared or placed somewhere
  • Astronomy – Sky map and almanac data for a user location (Northern Hemisphere only)

Sample OutputThe build output is a PDF file containing the two sides of the organizer--print these directly to a two-sided printer or print each side individually in a one-sided printer. Printing and folding instructions are included in the User's Manual and are also presented here. At this point Plans Unfolding runs only on the Windows operating system (2000,XP,Vista).

Multiple users are supported—perhaps you want one organizer layout for trips and one for general use, or more than one person in the household is interested in using it. All data and all preference settings are kept separate, and switching between users is as simple as clicking on a button.

Use the Plans Unfolding organizer to record expenses; track mileage; list travel information, create shopping and grocery lists; list medications and times; write useful formulas and conversions; maintain and check off todo lists, jot things to remember; mark important dates; list game schedules, bets and scores; reference video poker odds; enter gift ideas and clothing sizes; encrypt private information using the built-in cipher page, and so on!

Here's a preview of the standard page types supported by the interface software, along with the interface windows and sample pages in the output---click on any image to see a high-resolution version of either an interface window on-screen or the output page as it would appear in the printed organizer. Click here to see the entire full-resolution PDF output file. Note that the Astronomy page is not selected by default--if you want it you will have to select it for page 11 in the menu option Pages==>Change Page Types.

List Window
List Page
Text Window
Text Page
2-Field, 1-Column
2-Field, 1-Column Window
2-Field, 1-Column Page

2-Field, 2-Column

2-Field, 2-Column Window
2-Field, 2-Column Page
Calendar Window
Calendar Page
Cipher Table
A Letter Table or Letter+Symbol Table is printed based on the user selection.
Vigenere Cipher Table
Cipher Text
Cipher Text Window
Cipher Text Page
Treasure Map
Treasure Map Window
Treasure Map Page
The user latitude, longitude and timezone are entered through a menu option.
Astronomy Page

But in fact the Text page type also allows direct access to LaTeX typesetting commands and TikZ vector drawing commands, providing the ability to create custom pages of formatted text, tables and drawings. The first two examples below use background images downloadable from the Background Image Gallery. The texts of all three examples are described in detail in the User's Manual. Since custom pages are written in simple ASCII text, they can be uploaded and shared online, and you are free to do so at the Page Script Collection, along with providing helpful screenshots at the Page Script Sample Screenshots Gallery.

% Blank title so we can back up and place a

% larger-font title for this front text page.



\center{\lettrine[lines=2, lhang=0.0, lraise=0.1]{P}{lans Unfolding}}\\


\center{Updated \today}\\

\vspace{.5em} \RaggedRight

\large \textbf{Owner: John Doe\\

Phone: (555) 555-5555\\



\LARGE \textit{Emergency Contact:}\\

\normalsize \textbf{(800) 888-8888\\

(866) 666-6666\\

Dr: George Gilbert 888-000-0000}\\


\LARGE \textit{Medical Information:}\\

\normalsize \textbf{Medication: None\\

Allergic: Penicillin\\

Eyes: LASIK\\

Surgery: Rt Shoulder Repaired}

Custom Front Page





\rowcolor{Goldenrod}\hspace{.07cm}\textbf{Date}\hspace{.07cm} &

\hspace{.07cm}\textbf{Miles}\hspace{.07cm} &

\hspace{.07cm}\textbf{Gal.}\hspace{.07cm} &

\hspace{.07cm}\textbf{MPG}\hspace{.07cm} &



& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\ \hline

& & & & \\




Custom Table

(Text listed in Page 4 of the default user)

Custom Measurements Page

Forum, Galleries and Support

There is a Plans Unfolding online forum for sharing ideas, suggestions and questions that you might have. A Background Image Gallery, a custom Page Script Collection and a Page Script Sample Screenshots Gallery are found here —download shared images and custom page designs or upload your own to the galleries! One of the really special things about this organizer is its ability to share and edit custom graphic page designs by pasting simple text (a “page script”) into that page’s entry field in the interface. You can also email me directly about this software at "", where you replace the _at_ with an @ symbol.


My sincere thanks goes to the following people who helped make this product possible: Brian Doerfler, who started me on this paper organizer kick a few years ago and has helped with the design and test of it throughout; Derek Doerfler, who created the online forum and galleries to support users of the program; Stephen L. Moshier (, who wrote the aa-56 program used to compute ephemerides of solar system bodies for creating the Astronomy page; Keith Burnett, whose data files of star positions and magnitudes, constellation figure lines and constellation labels (links are listed on were also used in creating the Astronomy page; and Melissa Hall, who created the Treasure Map graphic and made it available for use here.

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