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Make Your Prezis Fly!


REZIFLY is a software program to auto-play your Prezi presentations at slide timings that you record. Now people can view your Prezi the way you want to present it! This is useful for any Prezi, but it is essential for auto-playing Prezis with narration.

PreziFly supports both online and downloaded Prezis! Record custom slide times as you advance through your Prezi. Then build an executable player file to play your Prezi automatically. Play an audio track of background music or narration or both, bridging the transitions between path stops and providing a smoother experience.

Distribute the player and audio track to users. Or use the player file to auto-play and auto-loop your Prezi at trade shows or conventions. Full support for pause and resume is provided.

PreziFly player files can be created on Windows 7 PCs or in Windows 7 partitions on Macs. Depending on the installation, player files may also be created on Windows XP PCs. Player files can always be played on Windows XP systems as well as Windows 7. PreziFly is easy and convenient, and it's free!

NEW! PreziFly 1.2 was released on November 4, 2012. Among other new features, it works with the new Prezi button layout as well as the older layout. Also, video tutorials on using PreziFly are now available--see below.

See PreziFly in Action...

Prezi PresentationUse a PreziFly-generated player file to view a Prezi about PreziFly:

  • To view it as a downloaded Prezi, download and extract the contents of this zip file into a folder on your PC. Then double-click on PreziFly_OfflinePlayer.exe to launch the Prezi, and sit back as the show begins!
  • To view it as an online Prezi, download and extract the player file and audio track in this zip file into a folder on your PC. Bring up the Prezi in your browser here. Then double-click on PreziFly_OnlinePlayer.exe in your extracted folder. You will be asked to make the Prezi in your browser full-screen using the Prezi controls. Then sit back as the show begins.


PreziFly Quick Start

Download and unzip PreziFly to any folder (the download link is in the panel on the left). NOTE: You will get an error if you run the application from within the window displaying the contents of the zip file. You have to extract the files (using the Extract all files button at the top of the Windows 7 zip "folder", for example) and save them to a folder on your computer and run the application from that folder.

Double-click on MakeMyPreziFly.exe to launch the PreziFly. The interface is designed for natural, easy use. You also have to install the free AutoIt v3 utility (Full Installation) found here. More details, including helpful information on the process of creating the optional audio track, can be found in the user's manual located here and the video tutorials listed below.

Video Tutorials

Watch a short tutorial describing the installation of PreziFly on your PC, including the free AutoIt software program.

Watch a tutorial on using PreziFly to create a player file for your Prezi, including the addition of background narration and music.

Watch a tutorial on using the Camtasia screencasting software to record your Prezi while PreziFly is playing it and convert it to a stand-alone MP4 video, including background narration and music.

Contact Information

Questions or comments can also be emailed to me at


I would like to thank Joe Marasco ( for inspiring this application and for providing feedback and support during its development. It is only through his efforts to provide an auto-play solution for Prezis that this option is now available to you.


Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

©2011-2012, Ron Doerfler and Joe Marasco. All Rights Reserved. This program can be used for personal or business use, but cannot be mass-distributed or incorporated into other products or collections of products without the express consent of the authors. The users are responsible for any permissions, copyright notices, and royalties that result from their use of both visual and audio materials. Loss of information and any other adverse effects of this application are the responsibility of the user.

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