Converting your Prezi to an MP4 Video

Here's a tutorial on using the Camtasia screencasting software to record your Prezi while PreziFly is playing it and convert it to a stand-alone MP4 video, including background narration and music. In fact, this video, which includes a Prezi as it is being played by PreziFly, was captured with Camtasia. Note the icon in the lower right to make the video fullscreen if you like. If you prefer, you can directly download this MP4 video from here to play it on your PC or iPad.

In retrospect, I wish I had pulled down on the horizontal separator in the middle of the Camtasia window to allow the Prezi video in the upper right to be larger. Also, I refer to a "clip" of the video that I introduced, but it actually is a "split".

A tutorial on using PreziFly to create a player file for your Prezi, including the addition of background narration and music, can be found here.

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Converting Your Prezi to an MP4 Video