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You are invited to participate in a new forum established to share ideas and information related to lost art in the mathematical sciences. If you have feedback related to a specific essay or its user comments, please continue to provide comments at the end of the post. Otherwise, for general comments or suggestions for future essays, and in fact for wide-ranging discussions on erstwhile discoveries in mathematics and science, please feel free to post entries on the forum here, specifically on the discussion board for this blog. I will be posting essays here as I always have, and I’m still soliciting guest essays for this blog—the forum is simply a separate but related enterprise that involves more people and opens up more topics.

[Please visit the new home for Dead Reckonings: http://www.deadreckonings.com]

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Plans Unfolding Printout (2 sided)In a clear breach of this blog’s charter, I’d like to announce the release of free software I developed for creating convenient, pocket-sized paper organizers. Using LaTeX as a typesetting engine, a high quality PDF file is generated of 16 mini-pages, which is then printed on both sides of a sheet of letter or A4 paper and folded to create a small booklet that can fit in your pocket. The Windows interface directly supports several types of standard pages (List, Text, Calendars, Contacts, etc.) and maintains all user data between sessions. It also provides page types not seen in conventional organizers, such as a Vigenere Cipher page for on-the-go encrypted text and an Astronomy page with a calculated planisphere of current star/planet/moon locations along with other astronomical data. Beyond this, custom user-designed pages can be easily written in LaTeX script and shared in the Plans Unfolding forum and galleries. For more information, please visit the Plans Unfolding home page here. Now back to the subject at hand—thanks for your indulgence.

[Please visit the new home for Dead Reckonings: http://www.deadreckonings.com]

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